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The HD-SDI Camera in a CCTV World

SDI (Serial Data Interface) is the newest surveillance camera technology to arrive in the CCTV world! This interface allows for fast, uncompressed raw HD data to flow from the newest devices over a standard coaxial cable. Let your clients upgrade to amazing quality 1080p, 720p and other HD formats without spending additional funds to replace their fully functional COAX-based wiring network. Why fix it or replace it if isn't broke? That's a question face every day by users who are looking to add higher resolution cameras to their existing networks. Many consider IP camera technology too expensive to purchase, install and maintain. HD CCTV technology is the logical alternative. There's no learning curve - SDI cameras operate exactly the same as standard technology cameras from the user's standpoint, and they install into any surveillance network with coax cabless. Help your clients avoid the pain of IP-based network and show them the easy alternative. They'll be happy to move to HD-SDI!



ECL-ACC420 Touchless IR Sensor ECL-ACC420 Touchless IR Sensor
0 stars
Touchless sensor acts like a push-to-exit button using reflected IR light.
ECL-599SR Outdoor Camera with IR, 420-Lines ECL-599SR Outdoor Camera with IR, 420-Lines
0 stars
This color bullet CCTV security camera has a 1/3-inch DSP CCD sensor built into a water resistant case. The array of 36 IR LEDs gives this camera the ability to capture images up to 18 meters (60 feet) away in total darkness.
ECL-640 ECL-640
0 stars
Outdoor long range license plate camera with 5-50mm manual varifocal lens and radiant infrared array. Auto-Iris. High resolution 540-TV lines.
ECL-595 Outdoor Wide Angle CCTV, 600-Lines ECL-595 Outdoor Wide Angle CCTV, 600-Lines
0 stars
This waterproof CCTV camera has a 1/3-inch CCD video sensor coupled with a super wide angle lens that gives it exceptional surveillance ability.
ECL-597 ECL-597
0 stars
Small economy size bullet camera with a 1/4" color video sensor and built-in radiant infrared array. All metal case, weatherproof, with metal bracket and anti-vandal features.