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CCTV Cameras arrow ECL-556H Indoor Dome, OSD Menu, 480-Lines
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ECL-556H Indoor Dome, OSD Menu, 480-Lines

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This mini dome, while measuring only 3.5-inches in diameter, does the work of it's larger cousins and in some cases easily out-performs them.

Users and installers alike will appreciate the on-screen display (OSD) menu. Image enhancement selections, courtesy of the Nextchip® video processing system, are easy to configure. We've added some additional options to make setup easy, since we know the wealth of features sometimes gets in the way. Noteworthy is one specific action that takes place when you reset the camera - PrePro.

OSD menu cameras can sometimes require the installer to spend several minutes adjusting, testing, and re-adjusting the camera. This eats up time. This can be daunting and expensive (time=money) when faced with numerous cameras, PrePro (Pre-Programmed by Professionals) helps you out.

When you reset the camera, PrePro kicks in. It's automatic. All options are set to optimum with PrePro. (This camera is also set to PrePro straight out of the box.)

PrePro works by setting shutter, noise reduction, gain, color, and all other options for best picture in the widest range of surveillance environments. If you adjust settings or find someone else has adjusted settings and the result is bad, simply reset the camera. Check the image again and it is likely near perfect - or so close that it's good to go or needs minimum tweaking.


  • 1/3" color CCD video sensor
  • 480+ TV line resolution
  • Effective pixels: NTSC: 768 x 494 (379k), PAL: 752 x 582 (437k)
  • 3.6mm ground glass lens
  • Nextchip┬« image processing system
  • Easy to use OSD menu
  • Privacy masking (OSD)
  • Motion detection (OSD)
  • Day/Night operation (OSD)
  • Wide Dynamic Range (OSD)
  • Noise reduction (OSD)
  • White balance options (OSD)
  • High light compensation for masking sources of bright light (OSD)
  • 3D internal bracket allows mount on vertical, horizontal or oblique surface
  • Smoke tinted dome

The high res. indoor Mighty Mini dome camera has Wide Dynamic Range, a 1/3" CCD video sensor and an easy-to-use on-screen (OSD) menu for configuration.
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