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CCTV Cameras > ECL-598HIM High Resolution Outdoor Camera (600+ lines)
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ECL-598HIM High Resolution Outdoor Camera (600+ lines)

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This color bullet camera uses a 1/3” Sony™ CCD video sensor that makes crystal clear video at 600-tv lines or greater. Night time operation is enhanced by an internal array of infrared LEDs and digital slow shutter enhancement, available through a built-in OSD menu. Day and night mode picture quality is further maintained by the optical system, which employs an auto-iris varifocal lens.

Manual Varifocal Auto-Iris Lens

A 2.8-11mm varifocal lens rests at the front end of image acquisition, aided by a built-in auto-iris that controls the amount of light reaching the video sensor. This makes sure images are never washed out or too dark in normal operation. Varifocal lens adjustment is fast and easy thanks to two external controls on the back of the camera that control zoom and focus.

OSD Menu

Easy to program on-screen display (OSD) options let you program the camera for specific surveillance environments. Programming takes place using a video overlay that appears on an attached monitor (any industry standard composite monitor will do - not supplied with the camera of course). Menus and options can be paged through and selected using the attached control nub, which operates like a miniature joystick with x- and y- axis and a click-button operation. Nine different menus provide dozens of ways to program this camera.

Slow Shutter, Infrared, Day/Night Mode

Night time and low light operations are this cameras specialty. Wide dynamic range helps protect color in all modes. When using infrared the camera switches to monochrome (black and white mode) for extra picture sharpness. An integrated lens separator ring eliminates IR haze. Low light color imaging is possible with digital slow shutter speeds that can be set using the sens-up option. Settings range from x2 to x256.

Anti-Vandal Features and More

A hardened steel case, security screws, cable feed-through bracket with interlocking teeth provide a tough defense against tampering and vandals.


  • Sony 1/3" color CCD video sensor
  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • 600+ TV lines
  • Manual varifocal lens 2.8-11mm, auto-iris
  • 40 IR LEDs (850nm)
  • IR Range: 65'
  • Auto electronic shutter
  • Digital Slow Shutter (DSS Sens-Up)
  • Min. Light Level: 0.1 LUX, 0.0 LUX with IR
  • Sens-up Enhancement: x2 to x256

Premium quality outdoor bullet camera with a 1/3" color Sony™ CCD video sensor and OSD Menu. High resolution 600+ TV lines. Manual varifocal lens, autoiris, dual voltage and all metal weatherproof construction.
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )

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