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Brackets & Housings arrow ECL-203 4-Inch Metal Camera Bracket
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ECL-203 4-Inch Metal Camera Bracket

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This aluminum bracket can be purchased in a number of different configurations. Standard product (ECL-203W and ECL-203B) are 4" long and can be shortened to 2".


  • 4" long (101.60mm)
  • Aluminum
  • White: ECL-203W
  • Black: ECL-203B
  • Adjustable swivel head
  • With L-bracket right-angle attachment: model ECL-203LW (ECL-203LB for black)
  • With x-bar attachment for connecting to frames of drop ceiling: ECL-203XW (ECL-203XB for black)
  • right-angle attachment: ECL-203LW ((ECL-203LB for black)
  • With 2.5" extension: ECL-203EW (ECL-203EB for black)
Metal bracket with swivel head and options for short/long/drop ceiling/right-angle.
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )