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ECL-VGAE VGA Video Signal Extender

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Boost a VGA video signal over 400 feet of CAT5 shielded twisted pair cable (depending on resolution). Usable with VGA monitors, LCD projection screens, Laptops, PCs, surveillance DVRs and anything else that requires a digital VGA connection. Passive device (needs no external power supply).


  • Transmits VGA monitor signals - for operating remote VGA monitors and LCD projection screens
  • Input signals: standard VGA video (at all VGA resolutions)
  • Horiz & Vert Sync: TTL standard. 300kHz max. bandwidth
  • Insertion loss: Less than 3dB per pair over the frequency range
  • Video signal return loss: -15dB max from DC to 60Mhz
  • Impedance input: RGB 75 ohms (DB15HD) unbalanced
  • Impedance output: RGB 100 ohms (RJ45 shielded) balanced
  • Transmission distance: 196-442 feet depending on resolution (see table above)
  • Cable: RJ-45 style CAT5 shielded or unshielded twisted pair cable
  • Dimensions: 110x77x24mm
  • Sturdy metal construction designed for permanent mounting.
  • Mounting kit included.
Boosts VGA signals to over 400-feet.
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )