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ad arrow Advanced IP- and Standard Technology Dome Cameras
ECL-553HQ Hi Res Professional Low Light, Sony CCD, 540-LineECL- NUBIX16HD     

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Advanced IP- and Standard Technology Dome Cameras

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Our engineers and technicians work closely with our product developers to bring to the market the best cameras at the lowest prices.


Our dome cameras (and our bullet cameras and IP cameras) contain the latest technology and materials and that benefits the user when it comes to life in the field and image quality under a wide range of conditions. This is most apparent in our IR-enabled line of cameras (these camera models contain their own infrared LED array). Our Glare Free Infrared (GFI) domes are exactly that - infrared glare free. IR glare is a problem that literally plagues other manufacturers. Here's a secret - look for a foam ring. If the camera has a foam ring to block out reflected infrared light INSIDE the camera, then chances are it isn't 100% effective at doing this task and IR glare will still occur. This is often a remedial measure because the camera exhibits glare during IR operation due to poor design or because it was a non-IR enabled camera converted to an IR version. Sometimes the material of the dome or the front glass is at fault.


A dome ring also can bring another issue to the field, and that is bits of the foam deteriorating over time and falling into the camera mechanism. For a PTZ camera this can cause a real problem with belts and gears. Microscopic bits of foam can also find thier way into the video sensor, flagrantly ignoring stickers that say "DO NOT TOUCH SENSOR SURFACE", regardless of font or red text. This can be catestrophic to video quality. Take a close look at our cameras. You'll never find a foam ring. We use only high quality glass, acrylic and polycarbonite materials and we use a bifurcated glass front on all of our bullet cameras, completely seperating the glass in front of the video sensor from the glass protecting the IR LEDs.  This design eliminates stray IR from effecting the video image.


Our customers agree. You won't find the same quality of products elsewhere at a lower price. Combine quality with our 3-year warranty and you'll soon be installing Eclipse brand CCTV surveillance cameras in all of your security networks and your customers will be coming back to you when they decide to upgrade or expand, and they'll tell their friends.

Our dome cameras scare the bad guys, night and day.
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