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ECL-SP380I High Resolution PTZ

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If your client has a large outdoor area like a barn, storage yard, dock or a parking lot with no lights at night, then the nocturnal PTZ ECL-SP380I is a perfect fit.

Like all of our PTZ cameras, the ECL-380I offers continuous 360° rotation with no dead spots. This model's high speed/variable speed pan/tilt motor gives it the ability to turn at speeds up to 180°/sec. It has auto-flip, auto-focus, 10x digital zoom, video freeze and can be programmed with multiple tours.

Inside this PTZ security camera you'll find a 1/3" Sony™ CCD video sensor working in conjunction with a state-of-the-art Sony™ Effio™ digital signal processor. A 5.5-55mm varifocal lens forms the optical front end of this camera. These parts work together to form crisp, clear video imaging that beats similarly priced products.

Uses Standard Pan/Tilt/Zoom Controller

This PTZ dome uses RS485 communication for control and programming. You can use any controller that is Pelco-D/-P compatible or use one of our DVRs or PTZ controllers (like model ECL-CN430 or model ECL-CN530). Our Nubix, Orbix and MAX security DVRS are easy to connect and offer local and remote control functions as well as the ability to record your PTZ environment.

Good for Tough Environments

Concealed cables and tough construction make this PTZ camera naturally vandal resistant. It has a built-in heater and blower which work together to handle temperature and humidity extremes. It has built-in lightning resistance and can withstand transient voltages of up to 59,999V. All of these factors make it a perfect candidate to handle weather in your backyard or a parking garage in almost any part of the world.


  • All metal anti-vandal construction
  • 1/3" Sony™ CCD video sensor
  • 700 TV-line resolution
  • Sony™ Effio™ digital signal processing (DSP)
  • 5.5-55mm varifocal lens
  • Long range infrared subsystem with a range of 150' or more
  • Auto-adjust infrared that tracks zoom, changing intensity as required
  • Backlight compensation
  • Auto-white balance
  • Auto-gain control (AGC)
  • Alarm function
  • Picture freeze function
  • Electronic flip
  • Privacy zone masking
  • 10x optical zoom
  • 180°/sec rotational speed
  • Auto-focus
  • 360° continuous pan rotation
  • Pelco-D, Pelco-P
  • RS485
  • Weatherproof heavy duty housing

This pan/tilt/zoom camera features high speed/variable speed motors and is designed for night-time operation, with a high intensity IR system.
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )

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