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16 Channel HD SDI DVR

This next generational DVR upgrades the current traditional CCTV camera network and out preforms all IP and analog camera systems. Install an SDI camera on their exiting coaxial cable network and hook up a NubixHD Hi Def security DVR for a spectacular result. Compare their current CCTV camera quality with the SDI camera, side by side, on the same network, and wait for the client to call back and order an installation upgrade.


Easy to program thanks to embedded Linux

Save time and expense because SDI does not require new cables - existing cables used by traditional (analog) CCTV camera are compatible with this 1080p product. Within minutes you can upgrade their system to offer high definition CCTV security that will knock their socks off.

Easy LAN Connection and Setup

This DVR provides 1080P live, playback and remote view . It has inputs for Serial Digital Interface (SDI) cameras.

Add an SDI Camera

This DVR doesn't come with cameras. We suggest our new high definition SDI EX-HD78V. Add a megapixel lens and the quality of the video recorded in any standard security network you upgrade will make other cameras look like cheap competitors. Your client will want more.


   Video Compression / H.264

   Network / Ethernet

   Backup / USB & DVD R/W support

   Motion Detection Format / grid based

   HDD Support

   Dimension / 17”(w) x 17.7”(d) x 3.5”(h)

   Warranty / All Eclipse products have a 3 year warranty


An excellent choice for small and medium-size businesses and residential settings when clarity and reliability is crucial, the Nubix 16 HD H264 compression, can record from 1-16 cameras at once, has 16 inputs and Split Screen 1,4,7,9,10,13,16, and can
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