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ECL-358MIV 1/3", 3.5-8mm Varifocal, Manual IrisECL-202 7-Inch Camera Bracket


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This outdoor IP camera is suitable for outdoor use. It contains a reduced-instruction set CPU (RISC) and a 3.6-16mm varifocal lens that can be adjusted using external controls on the camer boday. The metal case makes it strong. It provides high definition streaming video output in a variety of compression formats and has a mechanical IR filter to protect video quality when switching from day mode to night mode. Image pickup starts with a 3.6-16mm manual varifocal lens (megapixel rated).

A 1/3-inch CMOS 2M video sensor generates high definition, 720P images at up to 30 frames per second, which can be adjusted through on-board controls (brightness, color, etc.).

Outdoor IP camera model ECL-IP20MP contains a RISC processor and a varifocal lens.
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