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ECL-554 Board Camera w/BracketECL-MX64XXM: 64 inputs, 16/32 output Matrix Switcher


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Users and installers alike will appreciate the many fine features available in the OSD menu, thanks in a large part to the Sony Effio video processor.

Image capture begins with the lens. This camera has an easily adjustable manual 5-50mm varifocal lens with auto-iris. Next up is the 1/3" color Sony EXView CCD video sensor. This combination of 1/3" lens & sensor provides great image capture in day or night (true day/night operation).

The Effio video processor sits at the analog front end (AFE) of the video image capture process where it intercepts signals heading for the digital signal processing circuits. It pre-processes the signals and provides the DSP circuitry with clean and efficient input.

Many manufacturers are advertising Effio technology in their cameras. It is worth noting that Effio video processing depends on support circuitry and is not a standalone product. Our products maintain original Effio quality by using matched Sony components. Beware of similar products that may be advertised at far lower prices because they will likely contain off-the-shelf (unmatched) components.

Outdoor long range license plate camera with Sony™ ExView™ video sensor and advanced Sony Effio™ video processor. Advanced OSD Menu. Weatherproof, high resolution 700+ TV lines.
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