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Hidden Cameras arrow ECL-CEMRD Emergency Lights with Hidden Camera, day/night, 420-Li
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ECL-CEMRD Emergency Lights with Hidden Camera, day/night, 420-Li

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This security product combines a fully functional wall mount set of emergency lights and a hidden CCTV camera for surveillance. Emergency lights are battery powered and turn on during a power failure.

Banishing darkness from a store or office goes a long way in banishing unsafe work conditions and eliminating easy shoplifting in the dark. An internal recharger makes sure the batteries are always ready.

Battery charger requires connection to 110/120VAC. This device is meant for permanent installation. The camera must be powered separately (12VDC power, not included).


  • 1/3" Sony™ day/night color video CCD sensor
  • 420-line resolution
  • 3.6mm lens
  • NTSC
  • Effective pixels: NTSC: 512 x 492 (251k), PAL: 512 x 582 (297k)
  • Minimum illumination 0.03 LUX
  • Auto electronic shutter (AES)
  • Power: 12VDC, 110mA (nominal)
  • Battery charger circuitry connects to 110/120VAC line.
Hidden camera in a functional battery powered emergency light with 1/3" Sony™ day/night CCD, 420-line.
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