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CCTV Cameras arrow ECL-SP480P Indoor Ceiling Mount PTZ, Sony Exview HAD, 470-Line
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ECL-SP480P Indoor Ceiling Mount PTZ, Sony Exview HAD, 470-Line

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ECL-SP480P speed dome PTZ cameras are sensitive to infrared light and connect to almost any DVR. Like all of our PTZ cameras, this model offers continuous 360° rotation with no dead spots. Identifying and visually isolating your subject is easy thanks to a superior optical zoom factor of 26x. If you need to get closer you can turn on the digital zoom at any point and magnify the scene up to 12x more. This gives the this PTZ camera a total zoom factor of 312x.

PTZ Controllers

These PTZ domes us an RS485 communication line for control and programming. You can use any controller that is Pelco, Pelco-D/-P, or Ultrak compatible or use one of our DVRs or PTZ controllers (like model ECL-CN430 or model ECL-CN530). Our Nubix, Orbix and MAX security DVRS are easy to connect and offer local and remote control functions as well as the ability to record your PTZ environment.

Infrared Sensitive

The camera module in this PTZ dome camera is sensitive to infrared light. It can work in total darkness and provide clear, sharp black-and-white video if you have a radiant infrared source. The camera does not contain an internal infrared light source so without an external source you won't be able to use this function.

Two Ceiling Mount Solutions

The ceiling is a perfect place for a PTZ dome camera but not all ceilings are the same. That's why we provide two ceiling mount options for this CCTV camera, a long pendant (ECL-SP480P4) and a short pendant (ECL-SP480P). The long pendant measures 9-inches and the short version is just 3-inches. These options make a ceiling mount PTZ camera possible when you have obstructions such as vents or other ceiling mounted fixtures in your way.


  • Full Sony Solution
  • 1/4" Sony ExView HAD CCD video sensor
  • 560 iTV lines (industry standard used by other CCTV manufacturers)
  • 470 eTV lines (Eclipse standard - a more precise standard)
  • Effective pixels: NTSC: 768 x 494 (379k), PAL: 752 x 582 (437k)
  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • 4.1-73.8mm varifocal lens
  • Electronic slow shutter
  • Backlight compensation
  • Auto-white balance (AWB, ATW, indoor, outdoor, manual)
  • Auto-gain control (AGC)
  • Alarm function
  • Picture freeze function
  • Electronic flip
  • 24-position privacy zone masking
  • Auto-focus module
  • 26x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom (312x total)
  • Auto-focus module
  • Minimum illumination: 1.0 LUX
  • Infrared sensitive (requires external IR light source)
  • 360° continuous pan rotation
  • Rotational speed: 36° per second, up to 100° per second on presets
  • Pelco, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, and Ultrak
  • RS485 and Eclipse control protocols
  • Manually variable speed control
  • 64 programmable presets accurate to 0.05°
  • Smart scan & touring (auto scan)
  • Manual focus and auto-focus (with adjustable levels of sensitivity)
  • Aluminum housing
  • Ceiling mount bracket, two styles available: ECL-SP480P - 3" long, ECL-SP480P4 - 9"
  • 24VAC power source (included)
  • Indoor design. Outdoor model ECL-SP480EP also available.
Ceiling pendant mount indoor PTZ with 1/4" Sony™ ExView HAD CCD, 26x optical zoom high resolution.
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )