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ECL-ACCZ Bracket for Magnetic Locks

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These aluminum brackets are predrilled and designed for a wide range of hardware. They are perfect for our magnetic door locks (maglocks), like the ECL-ACC150, ECL-ACC300, ECL-ACC500 and similar products.


  • Model ECL-ACC3Z: For 300lb magnetic lock ECL-ACC150 / Dimensions: 250mm x 48mm x 30mm (9.84" x 1.89" x 1.18")
  • Model ECL-ACC6Z: For 600lb magnetic lock ECL-ACC300 / Dimensions: 250mm x 55mm x 63mm (9.84" x 2.17" x 2.48")
  • Model ECL-ACC12Z: For 1200lb magnetic lock ECL-ACC500 / Dimensions: 250mm x 60mm x 50mm (9.84" x 2.36" x 1.97")
Specialized bracket for magnetic lock installation.
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )