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PTZ arrow ECL-RSD4 Serial Data Distributor
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ECL-RSD4 Serial Data Distributor

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The ECL-RSD4 and ECL-RSD8 provide a way to take a single input signal (in RS232 or RS485 format) and duplicate and distribute it across multiple outputs simultaneously. The ECL-RSD4 has 4 outputs, and the ECL-RSD8 has 8 outputs. The input signal can be RS232 or RS485. Output signals are RS485. This type of simultaneous transmission can be useful for pan/tilt/zoom cameras (PTZ), point of sale devices (POS) and access control equipment.


  • Model ECL-RSD4 - 4 outputs
  • Model ECL-RDS8 - 8 outputs
  • Input: 1 x RS232 or 2 X RS485
  • 3 inputs can be "stand by" status at the same time, but only one controller can be activated at once
  • RS232 D-type connector inputRS485 screw terminal input connectors Output: RS485 signals (x4 or x8 depending on model)
  • Screw terminal output connectors
  • Maximum range: 1200 meters using twisted pair cable
  • Cascade connection capable to other ECL-RSD4/RSD8 distributors if necessary
  • Simultaneous transmission on all output channels
  • 12VDC power supply included.
Distributes control signals from controller to PTZ devices. 4- and 8-channel models.
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )