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SDI Megapixel arrow ECL-553SHD


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Serial Digital Interface (SDI) is a standard for digital video transmission that allows signals from a digital video source and/or digital audio source to transmit over standard, cheap, and widely available coaxial cables. This allows an easy and economical upgrade path for users who already have a traditional CCTV network in their home or business.

People using an SDI camera notice an astonishing upgrade in picture clarity when compared to traditional (analog, legacy) CCTV cameras. They also never have to deal with IP addressing, which is inescapable when upgrading to IP cameras. All SDI camera owners appreciate the fact they don’t have to have their property torn up or business operations interrupted to install new cable runs.

Image pickup starts with the lens. A lens is not included, giving you the chance to install your own industry standard megapixel lens. Click here for lens options.

Compatible with Rappix DVRs

The Rappix series records at 1080P and D1, and provides and HDMI video output. Customers using a Rappix DVR and a single SDI camera in their existing security network will always come back and ask for more. Click here to see this great security DVR!


  • 1/3" color high resolution CMOS video sensor
  • 1080P Digital signal processing
  • 1000-TV lines (min.) resolution
  • 0.1 LUX minimum illumination, f1.2
  • Auto-electronic shutter
  • Auto-iris controls
  • Auto white balance, auto gain control
  • Back light compensation (selectable)
  • Built-in anti-aliasing and IR-cut filter
  • Sensitive to infrared light (requires a radiant IR source - not included)
  • C or CS- mount lens compatible (C-ring provided)
  • Power: 12VDC

High definition professional camera with SDI (Serial Digital Interface) video output, megapixel compatible and more.
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )