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Want to make a client drool over an upgrade to their current traditional CCTV camera network? Install an SDI camera on their exiting coaxial cable network and hook up a Rappix Hi Def secrity DVR. Compare their current CCTV camera quality with the SDI camera, side by side, on the same network, and wait for them to call back and order an installation upgrade.

Save time and expense because SDI does not require new cables - existing cables used by traditional (analog) CCTV camera are compatible with this 1080p product. Within minutes you can upgrade their system to offer high definition CCTV security that will knock their socks off.

This DVR provides 1080P and D1 recording. It has inputs for Serial Digital Interface (SDI) cameras and standard (traditional) CCTV camera inputs.


  • Standalone design using embedded LINUX OS
  • 4 channels for SDI cameras
  • 4 channels for traditional (analog) CCTV cameras
  • H.264 compression
  • HDMI video output
  • 4 standard audio channels (RCA connectors)
  • Record modes: manual, motion, alarm, schedule
  • User defined motion detection area
  • Built-in web server allows remote viewing without buying special software
  • Multiplex operation: multi-camera playback, remote view, set-up, and back-up simultaneously
  • TCP/IP network interface remote viewing via client software and Internet Explorer (IE)
  • RS485 for PTZ devices

Linux based standalone security DVR compatible with 4 SDI camera inputs and 4 analog (traditional legacy) CCTV security camera inputs.
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )