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NEXXA 4 NVR Solution

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Nexxa 4 is a totally network oriented digital video recorder. It is not a hybrid, it is for use as an NVR only.

The Nexxa 4 NVR uses LINUX to provide a graphical user interface that is simple and easy to understand. The LINUX OS can be upgraded and as usual all upgrades (if any are required, and when available) can be downloaded for free from our dedicated support website. It records in real time video from up to 4 megapixel IP cameras and can include audio (if the cameras are equipped with microphone and speaker), or 2-way audio which lets you communicate with the person in the monitored zone.

Dual Buffering Merge Technology

Unique to this DVR is a video protection method called "dual buffering merge" technology. This technology uses multiple video streams to insure that network errors like dropped frames and other situations do not effect your video quality. If a problem occurs in one stream then another stream is right there to pick up the slack. No loss of quality, not loss of video data. The Nexxa series is the ONLY NVR ON THE MARKET to offer this technology!

  • Real time recording
  • Small size, less than 7" tall
  • H264 compression
  • Compatible with a wide range of IP camears
  • SATA HDD support (2x)
  • Supports keypad and joystick control for PTZ cameras
  • Video + audio streaming
  • Multiple split-screen views
  • Time & Event search
  • Free remote IR remote control, free management tools and content management system (CMS)

4-channel dedicated network video recorder (NVR) with IP camera inputs and analog (traditional legacy) CCTV security camera inputs.
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