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Digital Video Recorders arrow ECL-LYNX-M Mobile DVR w/Cameras
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ECL-LYNX-M Mobile DVR w/Cameras

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The ECL-LYNX-M is a battery operated security DVR intended for placement inside vehicles. It's very easy to install (and remove), and operates using a cigarette lighter adapter (auxiliary power output). Operation is intuitive and flexible, with adjustable recording resolution, camera control, and frame rate.

The ECL-LYNX-M offers two recording methods -automatic and manual. When an accident occurs or if the g-force sensor detects an unusual stop or start (acceleration/deceleration), the DVR automatically detects the event and begins recording. Recording can also be initiated manually by the driver or anyone inside the vehicle.

Video files aren't much use unless you can do something with them. This portable DVR uses a removable high capacity SD card (SDHC) for memory, which makes organizing video files easy. Remove the card at the end of the shift or run and transfer video to your archives.

Free software (included with the device) lets you play the video back and see all the important vehicle factors like speed, course (using Google map overlay), direction, g-forces and more. You can, of course, search video, FF and reverse, and perform other functions common to most DVR video software.


  • Video sensor: 1/4" CMOS, front and rear
  • Highest Recording Resolution: VGA (front and rear), 640 x 480
  • Highest Frame Rate:
  • Front - 30fps
  • Rear - 15fps
  • Lens Angle:
  • Front - 120°
  • Rear - 170°
  • Rear view camera IR sensitive
  • 3-Axis G-Force Sensors
  • Built-in GPS
  • Integration with Google maps
  • Screen capture
  • IR LEDs: 4 units for Rear view camera (850nm)
  • IR range: vehicle interior
  • Audio: built in microphone (mono)
  • Auto-on at engine start
  • Manual record button
  • SDHC card (not included) memory - industry standard card available from any number of manufacturers in various sizes
  • SD card compatible
  • Free multilingual software
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Power: 5VDC (cigarette lighter/auxiliary power adapter included)

This dashboard-mounted portable DVR has a camera pointing out the windshield, and one pointing at the interior of the vehicle.
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )