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HD-SDI Full Size Camera with 18X Optical Zoom

The Joystick controlled RS-485 Interface is just the beginning of the list of features of the ECL-HDZ18 security camera. Auto-gain control (AGC), backlight compensation (BLC), and non-digital wide dynamic range (WDR) can be configured at the camera using its built-in on-screen display (OSD). You can also configure white balance in a number of different modes to help insure accurate color reproduction. Other settings allow it to pickup up images in light levels as low as 0.01 LUX, enhance image sharpness and color, reduce video noise and set up privacy masks.




Selectable through controls on back of the Ecl-HDZ18 camera. Options include address code, gain control electronic shutter, backlight compensation, digital zoom, focus control, privacy masking and more.

Motion Detection

Create up to 4 on-screen trigger zones with adjustable sensitivity. Trigger an alarm when motion is detected in one of the zones, using the GND/In/Out terminals on the back of the camera.

White Balance Programming

Increase accuracy of color reproduction by fine-tuning color temperatures. Indoor & Outdoor setting available.

Privacy Masking

Place a gray, white, or black mask in up to 8 different on-screen positions to prevent invasion of privacy concerns and liability. Any action covered by a mask can not be viewed or recorded.

True Wide Dynamic Range

This non-digital method incorporates multiple passes which are compared then adjusted to create a final frame with superior image quality.


   1/3" 212AK Sony Double scan Super HAD II CCD

   True Wide Dynamic Range

   Backlight compensation

   Auto-tracking white balance

   Anti-color rolling technology

   Automatic gain control

   0.01 LUX/F.6 to F3.5 minimum illumination

   1/2.8 Color Sony Exmor 3.0 Megapixel CMOS Video Sensor

   OSD Menu Selectable through back of camera controls

   Zoom Lens, 4.7-84mm with auto-focus

   Motorized 18x optical Zoom

   Auto/Manual/Key Auto Focus Control

   Automatic Iris with Mechanical IR Filter

   Power: 12VDC (sold separately)

Full size professional box-style camera with industry standard lens mount, th 18x Zoom with Auto Focus has six time the resolution of analog cameras, OSD Menu controls gain control, electronic shutter, privacy masking
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )