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Day/Night 40x Speed Dome
Product Capabilities

More than 20 protocols have been programmed in the internal firmware to provide the widest compatibility with different CCTV vendors, and can be easily installed in new or existing video systems. Several housing options are available and permit the installation of the domes in a wide range of applications.

Guardian II® ECL-SP960H® ability to capture images in lowlight conditions down to 0.6 lux is further enhanced by a slow auto-exposure response, which allows the monitoring of areas where lighting is more prone to abrupt changes; for instance, in a car park at night. Sony® WDR technology further improves performance by exploiting a combination of progressive scanning and image processing. The same image is captured twice: once at normal shutter speed, and again at a high shutter speed. A DSP integrated within the camera then combines the two images to reproduce the high contrast of the original view.



Other Functions

This new speed dome camera has up to 4 alarm inputs and 1 alarm outputs (7/2 Optional) which allow the dome to be programmed to automatically focus on appoint that is linked to any alarm being triggered. Also, the dome allows the programming of 256 Presets with titles and a total of 12 cruising tours(4 of SEQ; 4 of scan; 4 of patrol) that allow the complete coverage of an area and easy operator customization. VISCA is a communications protocol, which enables the camera to be controlled remotely from a host computer/controller. Six memory locations are provided to temporally save and recall up to six sets of camera settings.

E-FLIP or Auto Flip and Mirror Image functions

Electronically invert an image so that it is displayed correctly. This feature is vital in dome systems, to eliminate the need to provide mechanical flip capabilities when an object moves directly beneath the camera.

Enhanced version of Sony's established spherical privacy zone masking technology

Privacy Zone Masking allow to cover undesired areas from the camera's visual such as windows which could distract the surveillance of the designated area. Video motion detection function can be designated up to 4 areas. When motion is detected within an area, an alarm signal and output will be triggered. •A Privacy Zone Masking function (max. 24 blocks) is available. A mosaic masking function has been added to the privacy zone masking function.

Ensures conformance to national and international privacy requirements and allow the camera's use in wide-area monitoring applications.

The ECL-SP960H comes with an Environmental Dome enclosure made in die-cast aluminum which is IP66 rated that enables the dome to work even in extreme weather conditions. It also comes with (E) a Wall Mount Bracket outdoor, (P) a Pendant Mount Bracket indoor, (EP) pendant bracket outdoor, (EP4) a long pendant bracket , standard Clear and Impact resistant or smoked Bubble; and integrated Power Supply.


   1/4'Sony Super HAD II CCD

   High Resolution, 670 TVL

   40x Optical Zoom with auto-focus 12x DigitalZoom

   More than 20 different protocols, Including: Pelco D,Pelco P, Samsung

   Video Motion Detection Up to 4 Designated Areas. 8 x 12 Blocks

   ICR With IR Cut Filter

   E-flip Function

   Wide Dynamic Range

   Baud Rate 1200/2400/4800/9600 Selectable

   RS485 Visca protocol, w/controller RS232C

   4 Alarm Inputs, 7 Alarm input (Optional)1 Alarm Outputs, 2 Alarm output (Optional

   Electronic Shutter

   Pan Movement 360° Continuous

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Day/Night 40x Speed Dome Camera with WDR for Indoor/outdoor applications
Manufacturer:( Eclipse )