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SDI Megapixel arrow ECL-HDS10
ECL-5HA Hi Res Dome w/Varifocal, 480-LinesNubix 16HD


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This premium quality outdoor security PTZ dome has a 2 megapixel image sensor and megapixel rated zoom lens. The smart pattern record, intelligent IR illumination with auto adjust and hot spot reduction give this PTZ added value. A built-in heater and fan is optional along with accessories including wall mounting bracket, ceiling bracket or corner bracket for installation.



Metal body construction-ABS lower unit
Auto focus

Enables this camera to focus automatically to maintain a clear image. The user can use manual focus as well under special condition to achieve desired results

Camera Module Control Interface

Sony VISCA(Signal level 3.3V), baud rate: 96 Kb/s, 19.2 Kb/s, 38.4 Kb/s stop bit selectable.

Pan Range

The ECL-HDS10 has 360° continuous pan rotation, 90° tilt range


  1080P FULL HD-SDI @ 30 Frames Per Second

  2 megapixel image sensor

   Multiple Languages for OSD menu, English, Spanish etc.

  Weatherproof rating IP66

   Video Output: (Y: 8bit, C: 8bit, HSYNC, VSYNC, DCLK)

   Video Format: 720P/30 - 1080P/30

   Lens Optical Magnification : 10X, Focal Distance: 4.9 - 49.0mm

   Preset Points 220

  Infrared Distance 50m (200 feet)

  Infrared LEDs IR Megawatt high power system

  Weight: 2.7kg 5.9 lbs

  Certificates: IP66, ROHS, CE, FCC

   Power:12 VDC / 3A (24VAC models available)

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THE ECL-HDS10 outdoor Full HD SDI infrared PTZ Dome is designed for extremely high performance and reliability . Perfect for hotels, malls, banks, parking lots, commercial buildings to mention a few. When the need arises this camera’s superior performan
Manufacturer:( Acer )