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Designed for outdoor locations, the MAX-IP285 is a perfect choice for many users. With a resolution of 500 lines and a 6mm lens, it provides crisp, sharp streaming video at VGA resolution at up to 30 frames per second.

Night time operation is, of course, automatic. When visible light drops below a preset threshold the camera switches to night time mode. The IR LEDS activate and video goes from color to black-and-white. Anyone prowling around thinking they have the cover of darkness is in for a surprise.

As with all information passed across the internet, security needs to be a concern. Setup software provided with this camera helps you create passwords and prevents unauthorized users from receiving the MJPEG formatted video stream.

CMS Software Included

Our powerful CMS control/setup software (included) gives you full management capability and more. Watch multiple IP cameras, program recording schedules, save screen shots and adjust other settings remotely. It even works with your computer and network to easily and quickly determine the proper IP settings, making setup tasks easy.

The MX-285 is a weatherproof outdoor IP camera designed for budget networks. It has a radiant infrared array and includes a bracket.
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